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What is pragmatic innovation?

Dell defines pragmatic innovation as accelerating ideas to execution. Lumen describes pragmatic innovation as a means to increase the chances for success, especially for midsize businesses looking to invest in digital initiatives, highlighting the role of targeted initiatives in making innovation more achievable and grounded in real-world applications. NTT believes pragmatic innovation is a focus on “pragmatic matters of organizational efficiency and agility“, suggesting a more introspective approach to innovation that aims at improving internal processes and systems​.

At Evio Group we define pragmatic innovation as real-world solutions that achieve tangible results. We’re not here to confirm an existing hypothesis or assumptions. We’re here to help you and your team to assess reality, define success and build a plan to get there. While not true for every project, for some of our clients, that’s meant challenging assumptions, redefining success, adjusting the plan or re-organizing for success.

Here are a few things we love to do

We love to approach challenges with a practical mindset, years of experience, by embracing creative problem-solving techniques, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Our focus is squarely on your success. We will leverage every bit of our experience to drive meaningful change and deliver tangible results.

Market & competitive analysis

Gain an edge with a comprehensive market and competitive analysis. Make informed decisions and see around the curve with our in-depth insights and strategic expertise.

Business case development

Build a compelling business case with our expertise. Elevate your strategy with our tailored approach to ensure your product’s success and maximum ROI.

Product market fit

Discover the sweet spot where your product resonates perfectly with your target audience. Turn your vision into market success with our expert guidance and cutting-edge strategies.

Product marketing

Elevate your product’s presence in the market with our dynamic and bespoke product marketing strategies. Connect with your audience and drive sales with our innovative and tailored marketing solutions.

Persona development

Craft targeted strategies with our persona development services. Understand your customers deeply and personalize your approach for maximum engagement and loyalty.

Product launch

Launch with confidence using our expertise in product launch. Ensure a successful and impactful market entry with our comprehensive planning, execution, and post-launch support.

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