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L4 Mobile


L4 Mobile is a leader in developing and delivering interactive applications for mobile phones, tablets and connected TVs. Our company offers the application development services necessary to build and manage engagement around a brand. We combine deep mobile engineering excellence with unique media insights to create turn-key mobile and media applications for many of today’s top consumer brands, such as Everyday Health, Viacom, Sony Pictures Television, Universal Music, and more.

Headquartered in Seattle, WA, L4 Mobile has a team representing the best software engineers in the industry and works with the most progressive companies to bring products to market. Our unique blend of mobile experience and deep market insight makes L4 Mobile the right partner to help deliver tomorrow’s market-leading products.

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L4 Mobile’s founding vision is simple and hasn’t changed:“Build lasting customer relationships by consistently delivering quality work, on time, on budget, every time!”

How do we do that?

  1. L4 combines your content with our mobile knowledge to deliver superior mobile experiences.

    No one knows how to build a closer relationship with your customers than you do. Using your knowledge and insight, we build an interactive, mobile experience that accomplishes your goals and objectives.

    Perhaps you are looking to provide valuable information that your customers can keep at their fingertips? Maybe you want to create a community around your brand—where ideas and favorite moments or experiences can be shared? Or, perhaps you envision engaging your customers in your brand through an experience that is fun and rewarding. We can take you there.

    L4 Mobile has the experience and expertise to deliver your content in the formats consumers want. We know how to create experiences that live up to the reputation of your brand, and we never fail to deliver.

  2. L4 designs and develops custom Content Management Systems (CMS) for managing the application experience post launch.

    An important component of delivering the best experience is ability to manage dynamic content. We recognizes that companies need to manage the customer experience and don’t want to be tied to their vendors every time they want to make a change to applications, they want to own the experience and update it easily. To accomplish this goal, L4 Mobile works with our clients to design and develop a Content Management System (CMS) that aligns with the product requirements, so you can make quick changes and easy updates to any application we it easily. To accomplish this goal, L4 Mobile offers a turn-key Content Management System (CMS) so you can make quick changes and easy updates to any application we deliver.

  3. L4 Mobile deploys apps on the most popular devices and platforms.

    Selecting which devices to target and support is critical to finding an audience for your applications. L4 Mobile has experience with today’s most popular mobile platform technologies, including Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and RIM. This expertise, combined with our extensive deployment expertise, allows us to recommend the best devices to maximize your reach and usage rates.

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