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HyperQuality, a wholly owned subsidiary of Spoken Communications (, is an independent quality assurance firm that delivers ROI through: improved customer contacts which help retain and acquire customers; excellence in customer experience through unbiased monitoring and analysis of customer interactions; and improved employee satisfaction. Founded in 2003 and based in Seattle, WA, the company believes strongly in two things:

  1. Retaining and acquiring customers is tied to a company’s ability to focus on quality, and
  2. Customer care is a strategic corporate asset directly affecting the bottom line when aligned with business goals.

HyperQuality believes contact center operations can be turned from cost-centers to revenue generators with a three-part process:

  • Perform sharp analysis on care methods with constant calibration
  • Provide reliable and valid data for agent improvement
  • Engage in a frequent and thorough review process

This unique three-part approach gives HyperQuality’s clients the freedom to improve — and prove — their customer care and contact center operations every day.

What separates HyperQuality is a singular focus on the examination of quality combined with an innovative, global, and disciplined culture.  This allows HyperQuality to deliver ROI quickly for companies seeking a sharp, data-driven analysis of their customer care strategy.

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