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RCBG provides business strategy and advisory services for companies and investors. The firm assists decision-makers in identifying opportunity and risk, often that created by emerging technology and business models. Our guidance allows leaders to operate from a highly-informed perspective, alert… Read More »RCBG

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Founded in 1988 by cable operating companies, Cable Television Laboratories, Inc. (CableLabs®) is a non-profit research and development consortium that is dedicated to pursuing new cable telecommunications technologies and to helping its cable operator members integrate those technical advancements into… Read More »CableLabs

L4 Mobile

L4 Mobile

OUR COMPANY L4 Mobile is a leader in developing and delivering interactive applications for mobile phones, tablets and connected TVs. Our company offers the application development services necessary to build and manage engagement around a brand. We combine deep mobile… Read More »L4 Mobile


HyperQuality, a wholly owned subsidiary of Spoken Communications (, is an independent quality assurance firm that delivers ROI through: improved customer contacts which help retain and acquire customers; excellence in customer experience through unbiased monitoring and analysis of customer interactions;… Read More »HyperQuality

Canoe Ventures

Canoe is an advertising technology company that provides software and services to national television programming networks.